Quality Assurance On Cloud

Problem Statement

Quality Assurance in EDW implementation cycle is ,at times, as complex as development itself. This is because of lack of comprehensive automation tools in the market, extremely complex data anomalies and highly customized models. Sometimes lack of proper test data and required volume to cover all historical test scenarios and performance / Regression testing. Availability of test environments contribute to delays and cost overruns.

Our Service Offering:

  • Pre-built tools like Data Gen for generating any type and volume of data for IST, Regression, Performance and UAT Testing.
  • ATAW to move data from disparate sources at the location of test.
  • Pre-determined data quality checks.
  • Use of open tools like Selenium helps host automated solution across multiple implementations at the same time
  • Easy integration with enterprise tools like ALM and daily dashboards across program / platform
  • Tools can be either hosted on client’s infrastructure or on cloud
  • All test cases, post implementation, are covered in our comprehensive Regression Tool Kit.

Efficiency Gains

  • Helps overall save by 25% in a typical DW testing.


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