Digital Marketing

Problem Statement

Corporations are spending 100s of Million Dollars on online ad campaigns. Often, there isn’t a measurable way for these corporations in understanding true effectiveness of these campaigns. This results in wastage of precious marketing $s that can be used for operational efficiency and ultimately better value for end consumers. For some of our clients understanding customer behavior online as well as event based sentiment analysis is critical for success.

Our Solution

Our ready to use Customer Digital Footprint consolidates both corporate (structured) data as well as  external (unstructured — paid media, display advertising, search, email, mobile, social media) to create a real time view of customer’s digital interaction with our clients. This solution assist the organization with various type of analytical reporting for marketing, campaign effectiveness and budgeting/planning. This customer digital action history will augment digital action attributes to customer profile.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Solution can be implemented on Client’s infrastructure as well as hosted on cloud.
  • Utilizes a logical model that helps expand Digital KPIs to other channels like direct, catalogue etc
  • Cost effective native big data tools like Talend, Hbase etc helps optimize IT spend
  • All events  are loaded into an enterprise data model  using RAPID Data Ingestion services (part of our Component Based Data Services) .
  • Different KPIs like impressions, clicks, activities and page view data helps create ideal prospects as well as sentiment analysis.


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