EDW – Bigdata Eco System

Problem Statement

Most of the organizations which deployed EDW solutions over past 2 decades have acquired large volumes of data with only a fraction of that data being consumed. Same hardware is used for loading data and reporting creating performance constraints. Traditional EDW solutions have become stale in absorbing unstructured data and in providing predictive insights

Key Features and Benefits

  • Seamless, repeatable services for ingesting cold, warm data into Data Reservoir on Hadoop.
  • Provisioning data services to move data to/from any DB and presentation layers.
  • Robust access layer and entitlements from Hadoop as well as consumption layer.
  • Operational and Technical metadata capture across data movement that helps RTE very transparent and cost effective.
  • Solutions can be hosted on public or private clouds with quick implementation cycles.
  • Total Cost of Ownership for these applications are 20% of traditional DW applications.
  • Our solutions provide unprecedented abilities to gain new insights into over all data assets.


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