Skill Matching


  • Question-1 which set of skilled people I need in near future(given time frame)?
  • Question-2 Who would be a better hire/match for my organisation/position?
  • Question-3 Where to find such set of skilled people?
  • Question-1 Who are right people I need to cater for a given employer’s demand?
  • Question-2 Do I need to trained the student with 1 skill or with bundle of skills?
  • Question-3 what are the target parameters to mobilise people?
  • Question-1 What is the most useful thing for me to learn?
  • Question-2 If I already know a skill X, what should I learn next to grow?
  • Question-3 Are there any other people who have done in the same way?

How To Resolve?

Using Advanced Machine Algorithm such as:
  • Probablistic Network Theory
  • Clustering
  • Text Mining
The Ultimate Framework helps
  • To create a single platform for both employers/sectors and work force
  • To build a giagantic network
  • To improve the Employer’s hiring Problem
  • To recommend workforce/students about the skill pages


Scalability Of Alogarithm

solution for “match-find” can also be used for other problems such as:
  • Identify the appropriate students among all beneficiaries to receive the scholarship
  • Identify the appropriate for agriculture subsidy





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