Services on Spark

Registration Services

  • Stores the metadata for all incoming data into the data lake.
  • Provides Auditing and framework for dashboard reporting and data lineage.
  • Supports all the metadata requirement for all the capabilities

Format Preserving Encryption

  • Unique 512 bit key based encryption
  • Preserves format, datatype and length
  • Supports both file and tables level encryption/decryption
  • Pre-defined functions and ease of adding new encryption methods based on the need

Data Mover

  • Moves Data from any system anywhere to anywhere
  • Hot and Cold Data Management to save infrastructure cost and meet regulatory requirements
  • Source and Load ready files Archival in easy retrieval mode
  • Data availability on demand for Data Discovery for Business Analysts,Users
  • Makes data available for Schema on Read to allow creation of elements on fly for dynamic and analytical requirements
  • Provides a hub for all of the organizations data in its original form and one data store.

BI Reporting

BI capability to create reports out of Big Data using Tableau, Qlikview and Cognos

Data Discovery

Create low cost highly scalable discovery platform with data available on demand for Analysts/Business to play.

Test Data Management

  • Any number of records for Unit/performance/regression/UAT
  • Meaningful values like proper Names, Address, Phone, CC and others
  • Supports file and tables loads
  • Easy maintenance, Build on Open Source and User Friendly UI
  • Use existing structures or create new structures
  • Avoids risk of audit violations due to PII data in lower environment. Its 512 bit Encryption method
  • ensures secured and masked data copy from higher to lower environment.

Data Archival

Archives Source and Load ready files with metadata. Releases expensive SAN/Unix storage acquisition and maintenance. Data archived in easily retrieval fashion.

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