Data Federation

Data federation is a capability which enables organizations ability to aggregate data from disparate sources for BI Reporting and Actionable insights while Information Management Roadmap projects run agile methodologies to consolidate, address regulatory requirement and migrate Business maintained IT processes.

Data Federation integrates

  • Any type of Objects – Financial, Healthcare, Retail.
  • Any Type of Database – RDBMS, MPP
  • Anywhere Data – data residing on any system within the organization.
  • Any Data in motion or at rest.

With Data Federation Tool you can

  • Run canned or ad-hoc Reports without worrying where the data resides, be it Oracle, Teradata or any other system.
  • Use it in place of data warehouse to save cost of creating permanent, physical relational databases before analytical reporting can happen.
  • Use it to add new fields which others wise would take lot of time putting it through all the way into data warehouse.
  • Schedule Batch reports and store output on desired system and table structure for later analysis or consumption.
  • Enable to create your own data store using transformation rules on data from disparate system.
  • Self Service tool which can be used by anyone and anywhere. Available on cloud as well on data center.
  • Flexible routines which can be modified to include multiple systems based on user consumption needs.
  • Dash-board reporting of the status of scheduled jobs.


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