Anything Anywhere

ATAW is such service which helps organizations to contain cost, make data available on demand along with archival solution to contain space as well ensure proper auditing, metadata and security are in place. ATAW is a plug-play and highly scalable set of services which are cloud based utilizing discreet set of common software and services which are open source and best in class. Thus providing services on the go.
ATAW is interoperable across Hadoop, Linux, S3 on AWS and variety of other platforms

Real-time stream analytics is a game changer for modern enterprises. Eliminating the lag between data creation and actionable insights impacts the bottom line, and is crucial for the competitive advantage, operational efficiency for a wide range of industries and mitigating risk and Fraud.
ATAW (Anything to Anywhere) is data mover which utilizes Hadoop and best of open source technologies like Spark as base engine and Kafka and Spark Streaming for Streaming data real time. It has been designed to move data from disparate systems to any system. Greenplum to provide plug-play services and methodologies.

ATAW (Anything to Anywhere) is data ingestion utility which utilizes Hadoop and the best of open source technologies like Spark as base engine and Kafka and Spark Streaming for Streaming data real time from web. It has been designed to move data from any disparate systems to anywhere system.

Data Bridge integrates

  • Any type of Data – Financial, Healthcare, Retail, social media
  • Any format of Data – database, mainframes, flat file formats, sensor or image or message queue formats and structured, unstructured, semi-structured data formats
  • Anywhere Data – within system, third party, service provider, BPO, web-servers
  • Any Data in motion or at rest


With Data Bridge you can

  • Prep data on demand for Data Discovery required by Analysts, data scientists, Query Experts and Decision makers
  • Stream data in motion, data generated on web, mobile or cloud for Sentiment Analysis, opportunity to Up Sell and minimize Cross Sell
  • Migrate history to facilitate Legacy system decommission and smooth business user transition to new platform
  • Smooth Tech Refresh / re-platform initiative to address regulatory requirement / performance issues
  • Use self Service to Move Test / Real Data for testing
  • Hot & Cold Data Management to save storage , maintenance cost and gain operational efficiency
  • Archive data and retain metadata of the data at the time of Archival
  • Retrieve archived data on demand with the data format to address regulatory orders or court subpoena

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